The Carolina Canoe Club (CCC) asked me to write an ongoing series of tips for paddlers for them to publish in their electronic blog “The Paddler”. As these are published by CCC, I’m going to recreate them here. Enjoy.


Tip 5. The Vacuum Sealer

Some gear is meant to get soggy. Some is not. I like to keep each in its own realm. For gear that is not meant to get wet or simply just creates added weight (or mold) when it does get wet, being able to keep it dry and in a state that’s ready to go […]


Tip 4. The Ouch Pouch

I’ve been playing around some with ways to reorganize my on-water first aid supplies and kit. Most of the times I’ve needed first aid supplies on the river, they have been occasions where minor cuts and scrapes needed attention more from an excess of caution and for the convenience/comfort of the injured paddler. First aid […]


Tip 3. Emergency Contacts

Emergency Contacts If you are incapacitated on the river/lake/ocean, can the people in your group contact your emergency contacts? How will/do they know? In a more formal tripping environment, group emergency contacts and float plans may be generated and available but more frequently in our impromptu pickup groups and trips, this info isn’t commonly gathered. […]


Tip 2. Quick release for the other end of the tether

Tip 2. Quick release for the other end of the tether Here’s a quick tip to help increase the safety of tow tethers (aka “Cowtails”) you might be using on your rescue PFD. I am not advocating the use of an attached tether: They are controversial. They carry real risks and a decision to wear or use […]


Tip 1. Grimloc instead of accessory carabiner

Tip 1. Grimloc instead of accessory carabiner I’ve always been adamant about not having non-locking carabiners outside of the kayak cockpit or even inside the boat in a place where an inadvertent hookup could result in an entrapment in the boat. This problem is not just theoretical. I’ve seen it happen first hand and know […]