1,000 Bottles: 2021

Here’s my 1,000th plastic bottle cleaned from waterways and shorelines in 2021. In 2010, I made a commitment to clean at least 1,000 plastic bottles per year. I’ve accomplished that goal every year since, so that’s at least 11,000 plastic bottles (so far) that are out of/or never made it into our waterways. We may […]


Cold Water Paddling Safely and Comfortably

  Cold Water Paddling Safely and Comfortably Every fall, the wetsuit vs. drysuit debate begins. New paddlers (those who already have heard to dress for the water temperature and not the air temperature and have decided to heed that advice) start shopping for cold-water exposure wear and suddenly experience the sticker shock of buying a […]


Retirement-Part 2

Retirement: Part 2   Retirement is transition. You stop doing one thing and move on to another. Few people I know have turned an active life into an inactive one. Yes, you may remove some stressors, or at least change to ones of your own choosing, but maybe you gain some more control of the […]